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Body Composition Analyzer

Slim and Trim, uses the professional Tanita Body Composition Analyzer (TBF-300A) in order to best understand a patientís weight loss and health needs. Our analyzers conduct a more sophisticated method of analysis than most. An analysis is given to every patient at every visit. The body composition analysis tells the physician a number of important things about your body: BMI (body mass index), percentage of fat, BMR (metabolic rate), hydration (water) quality, desirable range of compositions as well as targeted and predicted weights and percentages. This information helps a physician to guide a patient to healthier and better weight loss and management. For example, the physician can accurately advise whether an individual patient needs to take in more or fewer calories, adjust fat or carbohydrate intake, exercise more or differently, drink more water, eat more often, etc.

For further information about how the BMR and IMPEDANCE equations are used to calculate calorie intake for weight loss and management, see the Tanita web site

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