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Healthly weight loss

There are a few weight loss resources that we here at Slim & Trim trust. These resources are to help answer some questions you may have before or after visiting Slim & Trim.


This website is full of great weight loss tips and links; however, losing weight “fast” is not always the best way to keep it off, nor is it always the healthiest way to lose weight. Do your research before trying any kind of fad diet.


The Cleveland Clinic is one of the most respected medical facilities in the world; therefore, its website is one of the most trusted.


AARP’s website is aimed at the over-50 audience, but it offers tips for healthy weight loss at any age.


  1. weightwatchers
  2. mayoclinic
  3. webmd
  4. cdc
  5. helpguide

Exercise, staying active, revving up metabolism

Here are some more sites that specifically address exercise and activity issues.

about offers excellent topic indexing, and is easy to navigate with readable (understandable) summaries. We put this link under “Exercise” because most links on this page are in that category, although there are also links to a variety of resources about weight loss issues.

webmd also offers articles, advice, tips and links; this is the direct link to the topic of exercise and weight-control.


Like the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic is highly respected; this is the link to their page(s) about exercise and health, including weight loss.


Fittv is a part of the Discovery network. All of the shows and programs that are on your TV are now on the Internet including the full episodes.

Weight Loss and Young People (particularly teens)

Here are three links to website pages about teen and “tween” weight loss. Although each of these sites will also take you to resources for children and weight loss, it is important that before approaching any weight / obesity issue with children and teens that you see your family physician.


Although this will take you to the website pages for teens and dieting, you will find links to the issue as it’s related to kids of all ages.


This is the link to the Mayo Clinic’s pages about “tween” and teen weight loss issues.


Although this will take you to the website page for teens and dieting, you will find links to the issue as it’s related to kids of all ages.

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