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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Slim and Trim, Inc., is a walk-in only clinic, and does not take appointments; therefore, we require that new patients arrive no later than an hour before our closing time (returning patients no more than 30 minutes before closing time).When preparing to come to our clinic for the first time, you will want to gather the following information:

  1. Immediate family history: Is there a family history of heart disease, stroke, obesity, kidney disease, seizure disorder, etc.
  2. Your own medical history: Surgeries, medical issues / problems, weight issues and history, etc.
  3. Your medications and dosages.
  4. List of questions and concerns about which you wish to speak with the doctor.

Once you arrive at Slim and Trim, Inc., here is how your first visit will go:

  1. You will sign in, checking the box that you are a new patient.
  2. You will be called to the reception desk and asked for an ID (driver’s license or state ID is preferable). We will copy your ID for your chart.
  3. You will be given a clipboard and pen and asked for fill out a portion of your “chart”; this will be legally protected personal information (HIPPPA) including where you live and work, contact information, Social Security number, family and personal medical history, medications and dosage your are taking, and questions about your history with weight issues, smoking, and other pertinent issues. You will also sign a confirmation that you have been given information about HIPPA, your patient’s right to privacy.
  4. When you are called to be seen, a nurse will take your blood pressure and ask you to clarify any unclear information, perhaps asking you further questions.
  5. You will be taken to a private room, where your height will be measured and then you will be weighed on a special scale called a “bioelectric impedence analysis” scale; this scale measures not only weight, but body fat, muscle mass, and water content. You need to be barefoot for this scale and follow the nurse’s instructions on where to stand on it.
  6. The nurse will then calculate your BMI (body mass index); in order to qualify for the medications we provide, your BMI must be above 26.
  7. You will then be taken to an exam room, where a nurse will go over your chart information, your body weight analysis, and any further and all pertinent information.
  8. The doctor will then be in to see you. He will complete what is called an “H & P”, or “history and physical,” to ascertain your overall health and examine you for any issues that might preclude you as a candidate for our program.
  9. The doctor will discuss a number of issues with you, depending on his findings in the H & P. This discussion can include specific suggestions for your personal weight loss program, specifics about medications and how to best take them, education / information about the program and how to achieve optimum health in your weight loss program, and whatever else he believes necessary for your health and weight loss.
  10. Either the doctor or a nurse will go over the medications, how and when to take them, what to expect and look for, and answer any questions you have.
  11. At the medication counter, you will be given a card that indicates what week you will be due for a follow up, charged for the visit and given your medications.

Follow-Up Visits

When preparing for your follow-up visit(s), be sure to consider any questions or concerns you may have; you will also need to inform the receptionist of any changes in your contact information and to inform your nurse of any changes in medications or other health history issues. Your follow-up visit will begin and end like your first visit (except for less paper work). This time, however, your doctor and nurse will be able to compare your previous body weight analysis with your current one. In so doing, he or she will be able to ascertain if you are losing body fat, muscle, or water, and advise you accordingly (for example, if you need to drink more water, exercise more, reduce or raise your calorie intake, etc.) Your doctor will address with you any issues or concerns you have. If the medications are working for you and you are still committed to the program, the procedure will be the same as your first visit.


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